Ora et Labora.


Beauty, durability, and stubborn attention to detail are what drive every single piece.  Whether materials are fine or absolutely ordinary, construction and aesthetics remain constant. 


From the simplest repair to complete rebuilds, I love to bring a rosary back to perfect working order.  I specialize in restorations of treasured family heirloom rosaries.  Click here for a free quote.

rosary prayers

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Designed with Centuries in Mind.


Wobbly beads should be the last thing on your mind during prayer.  Paters are stabilized inside the bead so that nothing gets in the way of the meditation.


the patina wrap

Extraordinary strength without the wire-wrapped length.  Our tests showed that using fewer wraps were just as strong.  
The Patina Wrap = Strength+Beauty.



The Patina Wrap is slow, painstaking work, but there's no other way to do it than by hand, one link at a time, to the highest standard.  Guaranteed to last.