Our Lady of Sorrows Sterling Chaplet in Hypersthene and Botswana Agate

Our Lady of Sorrows Sterling Chaplet in Hypersthene and Botswana Agate

  • Crucifix: solid Sterling Silver
  • Center: Our Lady of Sorrows in solid Sterling Silver
  • Paters: Hypersthene ovals [Mohs hardness 5.5-6]
  • Aves: Botswana Agate [Mohs hardness 6.5-7]
  • Wire: 20g solid Argentium Sterling Silver
  • Chain: flat cable in solid Sterling Silver
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Sterling Our Lady of Sorrows Chaplet in Hypersthene & Botswana Agate

This large chaplet is not a Dominican-style rosary with five sets of ten decades, but rather seven sets of seven beads.  Six of the seven Sorrows is represented as a Hypersthene oval, and the first Sorrow is counted on the center, then moves around the circlet.  It's prayed in the same way as the Rosary with meditation as the goal, but the structure of the prayers is a bit different.

This chaplet is rendered with hardly a scrap of adornment; only what God has provided through the glory of His Creation.  I chose Hypersthene to carry the Sorrows: they're deep and dark, but there is a brilliance in them, like a glimmer of hope, and their smoothness is uniquely consoling.  Botswana agate is very earthy and varied.  It's quite a hard mineral sitting at 6.5-7 on the Mohs hardness scale (Diamond is a 10; talc is a 1), and will hold up when put to the test.  Each bead is different, which serves as a reminder of all the ways in which we fall short of giving Christ our all.  On these beads, we make reparation, we give a little prayer as a balm to place upon her heart, telling her that she is not invisible in our lives, but so very much loved.

This is the ideal piece for someone who has a devotion to Our Lady's pierced heart, especially as Mary herself moved through the Passion of Christ: a reserved observer, crying out on the inside for her Baby, but trusting God completely with her Savior.  How can we even contemplate such depth and mystery?  Our finite intellect can only go so far, but it's a good exercise of faith to try.

You can find the prayers for the chaplet over at The Marians.