Rosary Construction


The Patina Wrap.  It began with my frustration with my wire-wrapping technique.  I was thrilled with the permanence of the construction, but the beauty was... lacking.  The links were stiff and awkward, and I was concerned that the wraps would only hinder prayer, not help.  And then inspiration struck: “If I wrap it like this…”  It was in that moment that I was given the gift of the Patina Wrap, and I haven’t looked back since.  I believe that it is the most beautiful, durable, and manageable wire-wrapping method that you will find anywhere.  And it’s guaranteed for life.


Stabilized Paters.  When I began using Lampwork in my designs, I had a new problem to solve.  Though gorgeous, they have very large holes that are several times the diameter of even thick rosary wire.  Being one who struggles terribly with my own distraction during prayer, I didn't want anyone to have their prayer distracted by wobbly beads.  The solution comes in stabilizing:  I first trim small pieces of acrylic stoppers to fit the bead hole, then run the wire through the stoppers, insert into the bead, then complete the finish work.  The end result is a Pater bead that is rock solid:  no wobbles, no worries - just pray.

Rosary-making is personal for me.  My prayer beads aren’t just a thing to sell, but they are an expression of my on-going conversation with the Holy Spirit - a little look inside my heart.  

I thank you for spending your time learning about Rosary Bench.  If you would like to learn more, and to always receive the latest Bench news, please make sure and subscribe below.  Thank you so much for visiting.  I hope that I can be of service to you as your Rosary Maker.


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