One of my very favorite things to do is to repair, restore, and rebuild broken rosaries - especially treasured family heirlooms.  I love the challenge of finding exactly matched parts and components, and my goal is always that my work should be invisible to the original.


REPAIR SERVICE:  Broken, but all parts accounted for

  • Simple

  • Most always free
  • If your rosary is missing parts, it's a restoration project.

RESTORATION SERVICE:  broken and missing components

  • The cost depends on the age of the rosary and the rarity of the missing parts.  All parts needing replacement will be invoiced.

  • Labor is $20 per hour.
  • Client provides shipping both ways.  The parcel must ship with a tracking number (insurance is recommended), as Rosary Bench cannot be responsible for lost or damaged rosaries due to shipping issues.

REBUILD SERVICE:  re-constructing your rosary in the Patina Wrap

  • Bronze rebuilds begin at $120.

  • Full Argentium Sterling begins at $150.*
  • Gold-filled begins at $300.*
  • 10k Solid Gold begins at $600.*

Solid Bronze, Sterlings, Golds and any stiff wire increase the price of the rebuild, for time and wear on tools.  Precious metals are very expensive materials, and the actual costs may be greater depending on the metals market at the time of ordering.  Solid Bronze is more difficult to work with, and more time needs to be allowed for these projects.

Rebuild Process:  After you submit your form, I'll take a no-obligation look at your requirements, do the initial sourcing of materials, and contact you with your Project Estimate.  When we come to agreement upon the project details, expected time, budget, etc, I will send you the link to your Project Agreement Invoice, which is a 50% non-refundable Deposit.  I will order wire and components immediately using these funds, so please make sure that you are sure.

* Cost depends on components and metals chosen.  The metals market varies widely, as does what rosary parts are available, so please keep that in mind for Rebuild/Restoration estimates.

I don't work on corded or strung rosaries, nor do I work outside of the United States.  I apologize for any inconvenience.  Thank you for your understanding.