Cedars of Lebanon in Bronze and Lodolite

Cedars of Lebanon in Bronze and Lodolite


Maker's Notes.  Ohhhhh, the beads in this rosary.  This color, quality, size, and polish are difficult to find, though I had no clue what I held in my hands the day I bought them all those years ago.  Lodolite is also known as "lodalite", "moss quartz", "garden quartz", and "phantom quartz" among others.  Quartz is very hard, rating a 7 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, just a couple of steps below diamond, sapphire, emerald, and ruby.  There is a certain heft to these beads, and they're wonderful in the hand.

Crucifix: solid Bronze woodgrain pattern
Center:  solid Bronze dove
Paters & Aves:  8mm Lodalite smooth rounds
Caps:  3mm antique brass fluted caps
Wire: 20g solid Jeweler's brass
Chain: solid brass

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Design Story.  I've had these beads for about ten years.  At the time I got them, I thought they were interesting, but I didn't have any set plans for them; it was one of those times when I got them just because.

The inspiration for this rosary came to me in a moment as I was looking for something else in my bead cubby.  I heard the phrase "cedars of Lebanon" and it gave me pause, but I went back to the project that I was working on at the time.

The words kept bubbling up to the surface every now and then, but something else was always more pressing.  But not today.  This rosary became an imperative, making itself a very squeaky wheel, and "just because" is finally here. 

As I was putting this listing together, I was researching "cedars of Lebanon".  Both "cedars" and "Lebanon" are found throughout scripture, and the passages are so meaningful.  (I enjoyed this short commentary.)  I have no doubt that this piece is intended for someone who is on a very special journey with Christ.